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Jennifer Felmley (aka Chef Jenn) teaches and cooks with an infectious enthusiasm. Her passion for the subject and desire to impart her knowledge, which she does with warmth and verve, cannot fail to inspire those fortunate enough to be her pupils or dine at her table.

strong belief that your food comes from your soul



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Chef Jenn is a talented and versatile chef who loves speaking about food as much as she loves cooking.

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A cooking class
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How to Cook Sculpin
San Diego's Jenn Felmley shows how to clean, prep and cook whole sculpin..
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 We believe in balancing the art of food and cannabis to create a once in a life time dining experience.  We can cater to you and/or your guests, needs with a wide range of options available to you. Meals are designed with smokeable, drinkable, or edible options (along with education). This allows you and guests to enjoy the cannabis dining (and educational experience) in ways that work best for each person's personal taste. Parties are designed for some or all guests to partake in as much or as little of the cannabis experience as they would like.

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We are here to help with your cooking adventure!

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Where can I buy Gift Certificates?
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What type of food do you cook?

I specialize in rustic California cuisine, incorporating fresh flavors from around the world.  I use the best ingredients I can find.  Learn More

What should I see and eat while in San Diego?
San Diego s a beautiful city to explore!  Here are some places to visit and eat while in San Diego.  LEARN MORE

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Food with Chef Jenn

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You can find Chef Jenn all around San Diego, from free cooking demonstrations at farmer’s markets, to cooking classes on local farms, even Pop-Up Dinners.

She teaches cooking classes throughout San Diego county. Classes range from Vegan and Vegetarian to French Country Cooking and Seafood. For more information about Chef Jenn’s upcoming class please click on “Upcoming Classes”.

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