Hang out in the comfort of your home, cooking virtually!
Chef Jenn will help you with all your cooking questions and create virtual events everyone can enjoy.

Chef Jenn offers both hands on and demonstration cooking classes. Chef Jenn offers both hands on and demonstration cooking classes. 
Please plan on a minimum of 2 weeks for planning your event.

  • Single Recipe Cooking Class and Dinner- $67 per person (with a minimum of 8 students)

Seasonal Menu 

(the salad and dessert on this menu changes with each season)

Winter Farmers Market Salad (this salad is based on what is in season) Kale Salad with Roasted Winter Vegetables, Pomegranate, Pepetitos , Queso Fresco with an Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Citrus and Herb Roasted Chicken with Pan Gravy

Baked Rice Pilaf with Toasted Almonds

Apple Crisp with Whipped Cream

This cooking class and dinner will include a hands-on cooking class as well as a dinner prepared by Chef Jenn. She will arrive 2 hours prior to class to prepare your meal, you are your guests are welcome to arrive early to see how all the magic happens.

Class will focus on the Winter Farmers Market Salad, along with all the cooking tips and tricks you will need to complete this entire menu. Along with knife skills, kitchen safety, professional cooking tips and tricks. 

Personalized attention guarantees you will learn new cooking skills and get all your cooking questions answered

Custom Cooking Classes

Chef Jenn can create any class to suite your needs. Whether you want to learn all about San Diego’s local farmers, fishermen, and ranchers. To tours of local specialty markets and farmer’s markets. If you can dream of a cooking class she can create it for you.

  • Private Classes individual cooking class – $200
  • Private 2 person cooking class- $275
  • Private Group Hands-on Classes, $100 per person -with a minimum of 10 people (contact for smaller group pricing).
  • Private Group Demonstration Classes with a Minimum of 10 students, $65 per person
  • Private Group Kids Classes with a Minimum of 4 students and Maximum of 10, $55 person

All prices are subject to your personalized menu.

Recipes can range from simple, healthful and delicious to a more advanced cooking class focusing on a particular cuisine (French, Italian, Indian, Caribbean, and so much more) OR specific cooking skill (Poaching, Braising, Roasting, Flambé, etc.). All requests are considered.

You receive a custom 3 -course (or recipe) cooking lesson. Includes recipes, along with background information on any specialty ingredients being used or information on the specific region of the world that the recipes originate from. Chef Jenn will provide cutting boards, knives, measuring cups and spoons. As well as specialty equipment needed.

Plan on spending about 2 to 3 hours per cooking lesson (depending upon what kind of food is being prepared). And please plan on an hour or so to chat with your friends and eat all the amazing new foods you’ll prepare. 

Personalized attention guarantees you will learn new cooking skills and get all your cooking questions answered. Cooking lessons are scheduled at a mutually agreeable time.

For more information and sample menus please contact Chef Jenn at (858) 212 9054 or email at

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You can find Chef Jenn  all around San Diego, from free cooking demonstrations at farmer’s markets, to cooking classes on local farms, even Pop-Up Dinners.

She teaches cooking classes throughout San Diego county. Classes range from Vegan and Vegetarian to French Country Cooking and Seafood. For more information about Chef Jenn’s upcoming class please click on “Upcoming Classes”.

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