To know me is to know that I love Stoli and Tonics. It is my go to drink. If you have never had this amazing cocktail it is as simple as Vodka and Tonic with a splash of lime. The perfect refreshment for really hot days!
Sounds easy enough to make, but it is surprising how many people do it wrong!
I recently want to take my cocktail to the next level. With only 3 ingredient I did not have to go far to perfect it.
First is good vodka is KEY!! Cheap vodka will add nothing to the drink. I love Stoli (Stolichnaya), but most premium vodkas will do.
Second is tonic water.

My choice is Q Tonic, “the world’s best tonic water “, clean and crisp it really enhances the flavors of the vodka and the lime. This stuff is made by someone who really loves tonic and want to sell you the best product they can make. Made from the finest ingredients like hand-picked quinine from Peruvian Andes and organic agave.
Add a few limes from a back yard tree and some ice! Heaven awaits!!


2 oz vodka
4 oz tonic water
Lime wedge

Fill highball glass with ice.
Add tonic and vodka, stir gently to incorperate
Squeeze lime over the glass and add into glass.