Ok I have a bone to pick with someone at the LA Times Food section! So they posted this recipe on twitter and I am so bothered by it.

1st They suggest you “dry brine” the bird. Or should we say cover in salt and let rest for 3 days (refrigerated of course)! This I just think is a waste of time when you can achieve the same result if you buy a kosher bird. But fine it you must “dry brine”

2nd They suggest you start the bird skin side down and then flip it over half way through cooking.

But don’t you worry “it’s easiest to do this by hand, using kitchen towels or oven mitts”.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! It is simple to just flip a large bird with god only knows what else you have going on. And really most people are not cooking 5 to 6 pound birds. Then what about the skin; my guess would be it is stuck to the bottom of the pan.

3rd And my final “Are You Kidding Me” moment comes at the end of the recipe when they suggest you cook the bird to 165 degrees and then rest it for 30 minutes. What!!! It will continue to cook at the least another 15 degree and that is way over cooked.

I had to share my shock and horror. No wonder people are so scared and confused about cooking turkey for Thanksgiving.