I received and email today from one of my students and I found it very inspiring and I wanted to share it.
Her limited choices in foods and budget restrictions sounded like a challenge; I thought we might be able help.

I was thinking that the creative minds that read my blog could come up with some amazing ideas. And I would love to know what you all come up with.

Thank you.

“I have been volunteering for Jewish Family Service and took a group of gals to WIC to get their WIC stamps and shop for their WIC foods. Realized that they don’t know how to Cook!! So I am teaching two very basic cooking classes in April.

I am so excited !! I could not be doing it, if I had not taken the classes with you and learned the basic approach to teaching classes.

The kitchen is very small and I will only have 6 girls per class. I am going to do my own prep, and prepare a few simple dishes in the kitchen.

I have been going thru cookbooks, pulling out simple menus using the WIC foods: Milk, bread or tortillas, eggs, beans, pasta, cheese, peanut butter, $10 worth of fruits and vegetables per month and tuna. The first class will not use any meat, but will talk about adding it to some of the foods.

All the girls in the program are either pregnant or have babies. Once they are nursing, they get some additional foods.

Each girl will get a donated re-useable grocery bag, a recipe box with the recipes, a vegetable knife, cooking spoon, and a set measuring cups and spoons.

If it goes well, I will another class in May, using meats.

Maybe in the fall I can arrange a field trip to the Mission High School Kitchen and set up a demonstration of some kind.

I have set up a field trip to Sprouts and they will “play” a scavenger hunt, reading nutrition labels, types of milk, sodium in canned and frozen foods, etc.

I will let you know how it goes!!!!”

Thanks Ele