This Halloween, don’t limit yourself to a costume and some candy. Treat your friends and family to a hauntingly good cocktail party. With Halloween fast approaching, I thought that there would be no better time than the present to share one of my spooktacualr cocktail recipes with youโ€ฆ..Mwaaa Haha. As well as some fun ideas to amp up the fear factor of your party. Serve up some unearthly cocktails with your candy treats this year and you will have the most popular ghoul gathering in town.

The most important part of a good All Hallows Eve cocktail party is, of course, the drinks! That may just be my opinion but with the right cocktail you can set the mood for a gruesomely good time.

May I suggest the “Monster Mash”, a ghoulishly green indulgence. Truly a horrifying concoction that can get any party started.

1 shot Midori

1 shot Vodka

1 shot Coconut rum

2 shots Coconut pineapple juice

3 shots 7 up

Ping Pong Ball Eyes

In a high ball glass, add Midori, make sure the Midori goes in first so it can settle at the bottom and give a great effect. Then add Vodka, Coconut rum and Coconut Pineapple juice. Top with a float of 7 Up, stir. Place several eye balls and serve.

When throwing a party, you want to be able to enjoy the party with your friends. So this dink can be made as individual cocktails or in a large punch bowl. And still being satisfying enough to calm any crazy mob (preferably pitch forks not included).

Get festive with your drinks and let your creativity shine. Add an extras bit of punch to your punch by putting it in a cauldron instead of a silly old punch bowl. Add little something spooky to your ghostly cocktails by topping them off with menacing garnishes. Horrifying your friends and family with surprises like gummy eyes, severed ears, thumbs or other extremities frozen in ice cubes, riming the class in fake blood (made of corn syrup โ€ฆlick lick), or have a gummy worm crawl out of the glass. One of my new favorite is ping pong ball eye balls.

Nothing like floating eye balls to ensure a fearsome evening. These little extra touches will help to guarantee a frightfully good time for all you guests.

With all you’re your new ticks and treats, go out forth and throw a party that will wake the dead!